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For those looking to pursue MBBS in Georgia, they may want to consider Kutaisi University. Located in the city of Kutaisi, the university offers a great opportunity for international students who want to pursue medical studies abroad.

Kutaisi University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Georgia and has been providing quality education since it was founded. It has grown over the years and now offers its students a wide range of courses including MBBS programs for aspiring doctors. The university also provides an excellent environment for learning with modern facilities and experienced faculty members.

The university offers both on-campus and online courses for MBBS students, so that they can choose whichever suits them better. Moreover, Kutaisi University is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia which ensures that all their degrees are recognized worldwide.

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For students who dream to make a life in Europe, MBBS at Georgia is worth consideration as the MBBS syllabus in Georgia leaves ample scope for the development of skills, interests, and attitudes of the students.


  1. Information and guidance on study abroad options, including universities and programs of study.
  2. Assistance with the application process, including help with the preparation of personal statements and admission essays.
  3. Information on visa requirements and assistance with the visa application process.
  4. Assistance with student housing arrangements.
  5. Advice and assistance with accommodation
  6. Admission process for Universities

GLLC provides a highly motivated and friendly learning environment to the foreigners who want to learn Urdu in its native atmosphere. It not only teaches basic and advance language skills but also focuses at introducing the history, culture and socio-political situation in South Asia in general and in Pakistan in specific. The detail of the regular and specialized teaching programs is as such:


Course Duration:

Basic 90 Days
Advance 180 Days

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