Business Chinese language Course

Business Chinese

About the Course:

You will learn common phrases and scenarios of business and negotiation in Chinese speaking countries. You will also learn about China business culture and etiquette and the needs of business men and women. As world is growing in business same like this importance of Business Chinese language is getting higher day by day. GLLC offers specially for businessman this course to get his Goal in China as GLLC providing Skills to businessman to get his Goals. Where Teachers can provide communication skills and as well the culture of Business in China.

This course was developed with the assistance of Chinese teachers from Hanban.

The course is delivered with a high level of interaction and practice during classes.

What you’ll learn

  1. Mandarin phrases and expressions for business negotiations
  2. Chinese business culture and etiquette
  3. Tips for maintaining professional and social relationships, supported by your increasing skills in Chinese
  4. An introduction to Confucianism and Chinese value systems, geography and history will also prepare you for social interactions
  5. Economic, political and legal knowledge

About the Course Content

The course incorporates the first course in our Foundation series as well as presentations on cultural components of conducting business in China.

  • Chinese Culture & Business Etiquette
  • Cultural Differences & Sensitivities
  • Appropriate Behaviour
  • Confucianism core values
  • Geography, Ethnicities, Religion, Government
  • Basic structure of Chinese grammar
  • Up to 100 words of basic vocabulary
  • Essential speaking and pronunciation skills
  • Writing and reading skills using Pinyin as well as an introduction to learning hanzi – written Chinese characters
  • How to participate in everyday conversational topics and situations