About Us


GLLC is the ultimate platform to gain new skills and learn languages that will not only help everyone in the future but also promote and enhance educational, cultural economic and social ties between different cultures it also bridges the language and cultural gap while pursuing education, learning and research at the highest level of excellence.

Learning Chinese language is the need of the era as Pak-China relationship is progressing day by day. China has emerged as a developed nation with a rapid growing economy. Need of learning Chinese language has been strongly recognized. China is in the center of Asia and it shares a border with Pakistan. Chinese is the most frequently spoken language in the world with approx. 900 million speakers. In order to meet the future needs, GLLC has set up Chinese language department as it is vital to overcome the language barrier to strengthen the historical relationship further. Pak-China friendship is time -tested and progressing by leaps and bounds. The exemplary friendship between the two countries is higher than the Himalayas and deeper than the ocean. We all are proud of the friendship with China and it is in the heart of every individual.


  • Makes students familiarize with the Chinese culture and language
  • Develops an appreciation for the world around and their place in it
  • Developing global skills and strengthening their capabilities of Mandarin Chinese
  • Enhances student’s potential to adjust in a diverse and ever-changing society
  • Expands your opportunities for meaningful leisure activities (such as travel, viewing Chinese language films, watching Chinese TV programs)
  • Develops your intellect (encouraging good learning habits, memorization, combining course content and skills in a meaningful way)
  • Enriches the young generation with future demands and needs
  • Helps students to achieve excellence through learning Chinese language
  • Develops the skills to perform at global forum