english language course in isalamabad

English Language Course

English Language Course offered at GLLC Aesthetics works on the speaking and personal grooming of individuals in English speaking skills at an Advance level and professional level. This is the ideal course if you want to listen more attentively, speak more confidently and communicate more clearly. Conversational English Language will help you improve all aspects of oral communication. We’ll develop your listening skills to help you better follow and participate in conversations.


Aims at Conversational English level is developing and inculcating the following skills in the learners:

  • Speaking in English Language
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Situational Speaking
  • Working in groups
  • Critical Analysis Skills
  • Productive Reading and Writing Skills
  • Effective Listening
  • Mannerism in Language
  • Elimination of Stage Fright
  • Focus on Grammar
  • Correct Pronunciation
  • Etiquettes

Course Contents 

  • Building Vocabulary
  • Idiomatic Expression
  • Phrasal Verbs Conversational English
Pronunciation & Accent
  • Phonics
  • Syllabification
  •  Principle of Pronunciation Conversational English
  • Mispronounced Words
  • Word Stressors and Intensifiers
  • Accent Neutralization
  • Short Replies of Questions (Question Tags)
  • Polite Requests
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Monologue
  • Dialogue
  • Mini-Presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Simulation
  • Sentence Formation Conversational English
  • Extempore Speech
Presentation Skills
  • Attitude Management
  • Body Language and Formal Dress Code
  • Reducing Nervousness and Building Confidence
  • Personality
  • Enhancement
  • Subject
  • Verb
  • Agreement Conversational English
  • Tenses
  • Complete course has practical implication of theory in this course.

GLLC offers a wide variety of language courses. We guarantee fast learning abilities at our institution due to the efforts of hard working teachers. At GLLC, the people of any city can come and join to become a member of this effective learning process. English not provides educational but a lot of career opportunities to them. We make fast learning possible of this powerful language within some span of time. We ensure confidence and efficiency of learning English in adaptive manners and equip you with the requirements of the modern era. The Conversational English Language Preparation introduces the student to:

• Learn to speak more confidently.
• Practice listening more attentively
• Learn phrases that help with fluency

At GLLC, the Conversational English language course will let you learn more than stock phrase. We will teach you the language you need to know to speak with greater fluency in a wide variety of situations. We help you work on your speaking skills by encouraging conversation through role-plays, debates, mini- presentations and discussions. People doing this course tend to build strong vocabulary and writing structures. GLLC’s certification will help you to become competent enough to achieve success in the future and it help you get better jobs around the globe.

Conversational English language course offered at GLLC makes possible for the learners to avail opportunities to go abroad for further study and job purposes. At GLLC, we offer you with an opportunity to leave behind all your deficiencies and move your life to another level. The course fee includes includes all the books, study materials and exams. Register yourself to this course and become a Professional.

Special Short Courses for People Who want work Abroad but they want Basic or Professionally want speak English language. Online Courses Available as well on demand.