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The GLLC Learning program has many features that set it apart from Online Arabic language programs. From live-streaming classes featuring native-speaking instructors, interactive chat rooms for discussion and feedback, and personalized learning plans tailored specifically for each student’s needs, this program will help you quickly gain the skills necessary for speaking the language.

GLLC Learning also offers online resources such as tutorials, podcasts, audio recordings of native speakers and quizzes so students can practice their conversational skills at any time they wish.

Qualified Instructor

90 Days /
180 Days

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  1. Experienced and qualified instructors
  2. Interactive and engaging learning materials, such as audio and visual aids, handouts, and cultural activities
  3. Access to language learning resources, such as textbooks, dictionaries, and audio recordings
  4. Opportunities to practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Arabic with classmates and instructors
  5. A supportive and inclusive learning environment that encourages students to ask questions and make mistakes

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Arabic alphabet and pronunciation
  2. Basic vocabulary and grammar, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns
  3. Simple conversation skills, such as greetings, asking for directions, and making introductions
  4. Reading and writing in Arabic script
  5. Cultural lessons to deepen understanding of the Arabic-speaking world and its customs and traditions
  6. Intermediate to advanced topics, such as complex sentence structures, idioms, and cultural expressions
  7. Continued practice and reinforcement through speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises.

GLLC provides a highly motivated and friendly learning environment to the foreigners who want to learn Urdu in its native atmosphere. It not only teaches basic and advance language skills but also focuses at introducing the history, culture and socio-political situation in South Asia in general and in Pakistan in specific. The detail of the regular and specialized teaching programs is as such:


Course Duration:

Basic 90 Days
Advance 180 Days

You can enroll in the course above by clicking the 'Enroll Now' button. If you have any questions or require assistance, please complete the callback form or reach out to us via WhatsApp at this contact.

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