Search Engine Optimization SEO Course


An Search Engine Optimization SEO expert plays a vital role in helping companies build their businesses and attract new customers through web traffic. Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization SEO, and discover how to analyze and optimize your site, and create an effective strategy for your SEO efforts. This can be achieved by understanding how Google search engine works and how it ranks websites. If businesses can learn to rank their websites on Google, then they can literally expect millions of visitors to their website with millions of opportunities to get leads and sales. In this course, you will learn about what Google and Bing are, how search works, how do Search Engines rank websites, why Google is the ultimate search engine, what does it take to be a favorite in Google’s algorithm, how can you rank high for your targeted keywords, which tools and techniques do you need to outrank your competitors. In this course, you will also learn how to optimize your content and websites to rank high in those search engines, how to use tools to perform SEO, and how to run an SEO project successfully.

Brief Contents
  • Getting Started with the Course Structure
  • Introduction to Google & SEO Terminologies in Depth
  • Why Google is critical for internet world
  • SEO in the broader Digital Marketing Sphere
  • SEO Keyword Research methodologies
  • Basics of Creating Content and Structure for a Website
  • Getting started with On-page Optimization in SEO
  • SEO On-page Optimization: Page Level Factors
  • SEO On-page Optimization: Image SEO
  • SEO On-page Optimization: Site-Level Factors
  • SEO On-page Optimization: Advanced Content Optimization
  • SEO On-page Optimization: Domain Factors
  • SEO On-page Optimization: Advanced Factors
  • SEO Off-page Optimization or Link Building Strategies
  • SEO Website Audit & Analysis using keyword Management Tools
  • Advanced SEO Hands-on with Compulsory Tools
  • How to Manage the SEO Project in real situations
  • Advanced SEO Official Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Advanced SEO Official Bing Webmaster Guidelines
  • Advanced SEO Deep Dive topics
  • Advanced SEO Local SEO Methodologies
  • Advanced SEO Video SEO Strategies
  • Advanced SEO Multilingual & Multi-Regional SEO
  • Advanced SEO Mobile SEO
  • Myths & Misconceptions about Search Engines
  • Future Predictions, Hands-on Case Studies
  • How to do earning with SEO
  • How to get updated with Top SEO & Marketing trends
Training Methodology
  • Lectures by academic experts
  • Project Driven Hands-On approach
  • Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices
  • Projects, assignments & quizzes for student’s evaluation
  • Students, Business Owners, Marketing Specialist, Advertising Specialist,
  • Any other person willing to learn SEO/Digital Marketing and find a career in it
Course Project

Participants of the course will develop a commercial level Website Audit and suggest optimization solutions by  using cutting edge SEO/marketing tools. The project should be implemented using best practices of the SEO  tools.

  • Students can acquire SEO Specialist Certifications from renowned organization
  • Certificate of participation by GLLC
Duration & Frequency
  • 2 Months (8 weeks; with 4 training sessions of 1.5 hours a week)