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Summer Program

For kids and teens, learning a new language is the key to a world of opportunities. Language programs for kids with GLLC not only expose your child to a new language but also contain cultural components that help them more readily comprehend and accept other cultures and ideas and pique their interest in travel and new experiences.

Your child will graduate from our language camp this summer with the ability to communicate in a new language and a deeper understanding of other cultures. To help your child access opportunities, our professionals are prepared.

What distinguishes the summer language camps for kids offered by the GLLC?

By putting a special emphasis on discussion and encouraging constant participation, we engage kids and get them to speak right away. This promotes genuine verbal engagement throughout every lesson, between the students and the teacher as well as among themselves. Full immersion means that the teacher and students speak only the target language during every interactive class.

Our classes are small, with a maximum of four students per group, and are divided according to student age and academic ability. Students can interact with the teacher and one another more readily and quickly using this style.

In addition to offering cultural activities that engage students outside of the classroom, we offer summer camps for kids.

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