How to get a fully funded scholarship in Poland

scholarship in Poland

Poland is a republic with a parliament. It is a well-developed market in a high-income economy. In the European Union, Poland, a nation characterized as a middle power, has the sixth-largest nominal GDP and the fifth-largest real GDP (PPP). Polish colleges, organizations, and the government offer scholarships to students. Both Polish and international students can access them.

CEEPUS exchange program

CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) is an academic exchange program for 15 Central European nations in the areas of education and research that gives both instructors and students the chance to spend a semester studying or working abroad at partner universities.

Scholarships offer tuition fees, free food, free housing, and travel (round trip). You will have paid holidays: one day for every 28 days studied in Poland. The scholarship lasts for one year and grants apply for master’s degree studies or doctoral studies in given countries. Applications are made through the CEEPUS website.

Eastern Partnership and Post-Soviet countries scholarships

The Konstanty Kalinowski Foundation sponsors several scholarships, which are granted specifically to Belarusian students for BA, MA, and Ph.D. studies.

Scholarships for citizens from developing countries

These grants support Polish Ph.D. candidates studying technical subjects. The Polish government contributes to their funding.

Fulbright Programme

International graduate students, young professionals, and artists can apply for research funds through the Fulbright Foreign Student Program. These are essentially subsidies to support a program of exchange between the United States and Poland to allow students, trainees, scholars, teachers, instructors, and professors to receive training in both nations. The Polish-US Fulbright Commission oversees funding.

Visegrad Scholarship Programme

These master’s and post-scholarships master’s are for 1-4 semesters. The international Visegrad fund’s leaders are in charge of running the initiative.

How to apply for a scholarship?

Students from other countries who possess a Card of a Pole are eligible for several scholarships. Other international students in Poland on a temporary visa or residence permit are not eligible unless they or their relatives meet the prerequisite requirements set forth by Polish legislation.

In Poland, students are required to continue their academic studies. For entry into a university institution, a student must first complete a second level of education and possess a leaving certificate.

Students who have an equivalent diploma or leaving certificate are not automatically eligible to apply for a scholarship. To confirm the validity of credentials or degrees issued by other nations and in accordance with Polish law, nostrification must be followed. Before entering Poland, students must have a valid visa and undergo a medical exam.


All or any of the listed academic financial rewards are yours to get if you are successful in receiving a fully funded scholarship.

-A fully funded benefit for education and health

-Funding for book purchases

-Aviation reimbursement

-Financing for the monthly living allowance stipend

-Financing for doing research and experiments


Polish colleges, organizations, and the government offer scholarships to students. They are available to students of Polish heritage, candidates with disabilities, and international students from the EU and other countries.

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