Students who want to study medicine in Europe should definitely consider MBBS in Georgia. Georgia seeks to help students pursue and accomplish their ambitions, as well as seek the greatest possibilities around the world, through the integrated medical curriculum of Georgian Medical Colleges. MBBS in Georgia is a wonderful option for students who desire to study MBBS abroad at a reduced cost and with highly qualified faculty. Georgia provides excellent medical education to its students over a five-year study period. The majority of the world’s prominent medical universities are run by the Georgian government and are ranked among the top 100 medical universities in the world.

All Georgian universities follow the European medical education model. As a result, they offer an ECTS-focused learning system with 360 credits. There are no capitation or donation fees for Indian students studying MBBS abroad. This is also true in the case of Georgia. Georgia has twenty-two medical universities that are NMC and WHO approved. Georgia’s top medical schools include Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Tbilisi State Medical University, New Vision University, and European Teaching University.

Georgia’s top NMC-approved MBBS universities are:

  1. National University of Georgia
  2. University of the European Union
  3. IvaneJavakhishvilli Georgian State University
  4. State University of AkakiTsereteli
  5. International University of the Caucasus
  6. Georgian State Medical University
  7. State University of Batumi Shota Rustaveli

It is safe

Georgia is a pretty safe country, however it is always vital to remain careful of your surroundings. Keep away from bad neighborhoods and concentrate on your schoolwork at all times. You must always have your passport, VISA, and legal paperwork with you everywhere you travel. It is critical to have some form of identification with you.

Tuition is inexpensive.

The higher yearly tuition charge while enrolling for the MBBS Program overseas is one of the key barriers for students from economically disadvantaged families; yet, the annual tuition cost in Georgia is too low when compared to medical universities in other countries. As a result, Georgia has recently emerged as the preferred destination for Indian students seeking to enroll in MBBS programs at Georgian colleges.

Education of High Quality

The country provides an excellent education. Worldwide, medical governing authorities such as WHO, MCI/NMC, and others accept the course curriculum developed for the MBBS program and additional courses. Furthermore, all Indian and international medical students are taught in English, making it easier for everyone to understand the course material.

Living at a Low Cost

Because of the easy availability of good food, reasonable transportation costs for getting from place to place, comparably low costs for lodging in a dorm, and other essential products available at lower prices, students pursuing MBBS degrees in Georgia from colleges that offer medical courses find living in Georgia to be affordable.

No donation or Capitation Fee Concept

The fact that no donation or capitation fee is required for admission to any medical university in Georgia is a significant benefit for Indian students. Private institutions in India used to need large donations that were out of reach for the typical student. However, there are no additional expenses for the MBBS program in Georgia.

Bottom line:

Georgia offers the best MBBS experience in the world for a variety of reasons. Aside from the difficulties of studying MBBS in Georgia, it boasts a low education cost system, outstanding facilities, highly qualified professors, and a kind and caring environment.

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