MBBS in China for Pakistani Students Fee Structure 2023-2024


China is a secure destination for international students seeking to pursue MBBS studies. Over the past few years, there has been an increasing number of students from countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Africa, ASEAN, and CIS countries, with a higher representation of female students compared to male students, choosing to study MBBS in China. The past two to two and a half decades have witnessed a significant influx of Pakistani and international students who have opted for medical education in China. The popularity of studying medicine in China stems from its affordability and promising prospects.

Every year, numerous international students, particularly those aiming for English-medium MBBS programs, apply to Chinese universities, especially those listed by the Ministry of Education (MOE). These universities not only offer MBBS and BDS programs but also provide scholarships in various fields apart from medicine. At the end of each academic year, universities across China extend scholarships to exceptional students.

China MBBS Cost :

When considering the cost of studying MBBS in China, Pakistani students can expect an average annual expenditure of approximately PKR 9 to 10 lakh, covering tuition and hostel fees. Calculating the total cost for the six-year MBBS program, it would range between PKR 55 to 60 lakh. Chinese universities offering MBBS degrees have some of the lowest fees globally. The tuition and hostel fees for medicine programs in Chinese universities typically start from 20,600 RMB/year (approximately $3200), making it one of the most affordable options for studying MBBS in China.

For MOE Listed Universities that offer fully English-medium MBBS programs, the annual fee range starts from PKR 14 to 15 lakh, including tuition and hostel expenses. Considering its economical pricing, China stands out as a highly favorable choice for international students looking to pursue a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree.

PMDC Approved (PMC A List) Universities for Pakistani Students:

For Pakistani students, it is recommended to seek admission only in universities categorized as PMC A List by the Pakistan Medical Commission. Graduates from universities on the PMC A List are eligible to obtain PRMP (Provisional Registration Medical Practitioner) directly. After completing one year of House Job, students can then appear in PMDC’s NLE (National Licensing Examination).

Chinese Medical Universities have received approval from various authorities, including the Chinese Ministry of Health, Chinese Ministry of Education, WCAME (World Directory of Medical Schools), and students studying in these universities are eligible to apply for certifications such as USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination), PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) for GMC (General Medical Council) in England, AMC (Australian Medical Council), and ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates).

We offer MBBS programs in top-ranked Chinese universities specifically for international students. Pakistani students residing in Europe, such as the USA, UK, and Canada, as well as Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Sudan, Bahrain, Yemen, Turkey, and students from other countries can apply through our online portal. We provide professional guidance to our students, and they can easily obtain visas from Chinese embassies in their respective countries of residence.

Scholarship opportunities for MBBS in China: 

Chinese universities do not provide scholarships specifically for MBBS or BDS programs upon admission. However, if a Chinese university offers you any form of scholarship, it will be clearly stated in your official admission letter, which will bear the university’s official stamp. The scholarships offered by Chinese universities for international students include options such as the One Belt One Road Scholarship, Local Government Scholarship, Freshman Scholarship, Performance-Based Scholarships, and Study Improvement Scholarship.

List of leading medical universities in China for English medium MBBS (MOE Listed):

GLLC Consultancy, serving since 2017, is an authorized and official education consultant for Pakistani, African, and international students seeking admission to top-ranked Chinese medical universities. We specialize in facilitating enrollments for students worldwide who wish to pursue MBBS in English medium.

There are over 200 medical universities in China offering MBBS/BDS programs in English or bilingual medium. However, only 45 universities, referred to as MOE Listed Universities, provide MBBS courses entirely in English. The MBBS programs in China are known for their affordability and high-quality medical education, leading to internationally recognized medical degrees. While a few universities may have higher fee structures, they are renowned medical schools. The duration of the MBBS course in China is six years, including the final year of internship or clinical rotation.

The following Chinese universities are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and approved by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). Graduates from these universities are eligible to pursue certifications from NLE, MCI, NMC, BMDC, SLMC, ECFMG, WCAME, WFME, USMLE, GMC, AMC, and PLAB.

1. Shihezi UniversityMBBS (5+1) YearsMOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee30,000 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee5000 RMB/YearApply Now !
2. Ningxia Medical UniversityMBBS (5+1) YearsMOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee29,800 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee5000 RMB/YearApply Now !
3. Qingdao UniversityMBBS (5+1) YearsMOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee30,000 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee10,000 RMB/YearApply Now !
4. Nanjing Medical UniversityMBBS (5+1) YearsMOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee34,000 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee6000 RMB/YearApply Now !
5. Zhengzhou UniversityMBBS (5+1) YearsMOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee35,000 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee5500 RMB/YearApply Now !
6.Guangzhou Medical UniversityMBBS (5+1) YearsMOE Listed, English Medium
Tuition Fee30,000 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee6000 RMB/YearApply Now !

List of Affordable MBBS Universities in China for 2023-2024: 

Below are some top non-MOE-listed universities with the lowest fee packages for MBBS in China. These Chinese universities are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and approved by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMC) A-List universities. Graduates are eligible for certifications such as NLE, ECFMG, WCAME, WFME, USMLE, GMC, AMC, and PLAB. In the first year, students need to pass HSK-3 or HSK-4 to continue their medical studies for 5 years.

1. Hunan University of Chinese MedicineMBBS (1+5) YearsBilingual Medium
Tuition Fee18,000 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee2600 RMB/YearApply Now !
2. Yichun UniversityMBBS (1+5) YearsBilingual Medium
Tuition Fee18,500 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee4500 RMB/YearApply Now !
3. Wuhan University of Science & TechnologyMBBS (1+5) YearsBilingual Medium
Tuition Fee18,000 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee3600 RMB/YearApply Now !
4. Hainan Medical UniversityMBBS (1+5) YearsBilingual Medium
Tuition Fee20,500 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee4200 RMB/YearApply Now !
5. North China University of Science and TechnologyMBBS (1+5) YearsBilingual Medium
Tuition Fee18,000 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee5000 RMB/YearApply Now !
6. University of South ChinaMBBS (1+5) YearsBilingual Medium
Tuition Fee21,000 RMB/YearWebsite
Hostel Fee3000 RMB/YearApply Now !

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements: 

Prior to applying for MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) admission in China, it is important for students to be familiar with the basic eligibility criteria. Each Chinese university has its own set of criteria for accepting international students, which may vary based on nationality and the percentage/scores obtained by students in Senior High School (Grade 12) or GCE A Levels.

  • Entrance test is not required.
  • MDCAT Result No need for Pakistani Students to apply for MBBS in China.
  • Student must have a Minimum of 60% Marks in FSc (Pre-Medical).
  • Some Universities have Criteria of 60% marks in PCBE (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English).
  • Age Limit to apply for MBBS in China is 16 to 25 years and in very few universities it’s 30 years.
  • Few universities are taking online interviews before issuing admission letters.
RecognitionWorld Health Organization (WHO), PMC, PMDC
Last Date to apply (Fall intake)10th October every year
Last Date to apply (Spring intake)10th of April every year
Basic Eligibility Criteria60% in HSSC/GCE A Levels
English ProficiencyNo Need IELTS or TOEFL
Registration Fee400 RMB — 800 RMB
Tuition + Hostel Fee18,000 RMB — 40,000 RMB/Year
Food Expenses1000 RMB/Month
MBBS Teaching MediumEnglish Medium
MBBS Degree Duration5+1 Years
Age Limit16 Years – 25 Years

Teaching Staff & Faculty: 

Chinese universities have modern classrooms equipped with projectors and multimedia facilities. Most medical universities in China have well-qualified Chinese teachers who have graduated from European universities, and some of them even hold doctoral degrees from Europe or the UK. Additionally, certain Chinese medical colleges employ foreign teachers from Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, Nepal, and others. This diverse teaching staff enhances students’ knowledge and prepares them to successfully pass their medical council exams in their home countries upon graduation. All Chinese teachers are fluent in English, ensuring effective communication in the classroom. These dedicated teachers are committed to providing quality education, and students benefit from their expertise and knowledge throughout the academic year.

Required Documents for MBBS Application: 

Typically, Chinese institutions offer the September Fall Intake for admissions in all universities. However, if any seats remain vacant, they may also offer enrollments for the March Spring intake. Some universities specifically provide a dedicated March Intake for MBBS applicants. It is crucial for students to carefully read the admission letter before applying for a visa at the Chinese Embassy.

  • SSC (Grade 10)
  • HSSC- Senior high school document (Grade 12)
  • Digital Photo with white background
  • Passport First page in Scan
  • Medical Check on Chinese physical Form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Assessment Form
  • Signed Fee Package by the Applicant.

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