The Busiest Cities in the World

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Introduction: Finding the time to learn a new language with a busy lifestyle is something that many people struggle with. But did you know that the NHS suggests that language learning is a great way to relax, and unwind, and is beneficial for mental well-being? With the world becoming an increasingly busy place, many people are rushing to ensure they pack as much into every day as possible. Sadly, this has left people dedicating even less time to learning a new language. This has got us wondering which are the busiest capital cities and which world capitals are the most relaxed.

The Preply team has delved into the data and analyzed which of the world’s major capital cities have the largest populations, longest average working hours, average hours of sleep, number of gyms, number of universities, number of entrepreneurs, and city attractions. We then scored the cities on these factors to ultimately determine which capital city was crowned the busiest. Let’s take a look at the results!

The Busiest Cities in the World:

  1. Mexico City, Mexico 🌆 Our data has revealed that Mexico City is officially the busiest city in the world with a total score of 69.6 out of 100. Already boasting a huge population of 12,294,193 people, the Mexican capital keeps its citizens busy with average working hours of 2,511 hours per year – one of the highest in the world. Plus, there are 1,777 attractions and 39 universities in the capital. The city also has a total of 181 gyms.
  2. Hanoi, Vietnam 🌆 Hanoi takes the lead as the city that keeps its people working the longest hours. According to our data, the people of Hanoi work an average of 2,691 hours per year.
  3. New Delhi, India 🌆 New Delhi secures the third spot with an average of 2,511 working hours per worker, per year – making it the third hardest-working workforce in the world.
  4. London, England 🌆 The highest-ranking European city in terms of demanding longer hours from its workforce is London. Our data shows that the workers of London officially work longer hours than any other European city, with workers here working an average of 2,003 hours per year.

Cities with the Lowest Average Working Hours:

Stockholm, Sweden 🌆 Employees in Stockholm work for an average of just 1,424 hours per year, reflecting Sweden’s recently adopted six-hour working day policy.

Hanoi, Vietnam takes the lead as the city with the longest working hours. The people of Hanoi work an average of 2,691 hours per year.

Following closely is Mexico City, Mexico, with an average of 2,622 hours per year, making it the second busiest city in terms of working hours. New Delhi, India secures the third spot, with an average of 2,511 working hours per year.

The European city with the most demanding work hours is London, England. Workers in London clock in an average of 2,003 working hours per year, surpassing other European cities.

Cities with the Most Sleep:

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina 🌆 Buenos Aires is officially the world’s best-rested city, with its citizens getting an average of 10 hours of sleep per night.
  2. Mexico City, Mexico 🌆 Mexico City and Beijing, China, tie for the second spot, with people in each city getting an average of 9 hours of sleep per night.
  3. Paris, France, and Rome, Italy, provide their citizens with a healthy 8.3 hours of sleep per night, making them the best-rested cities in Europe.

Cities with the Longest Traffic Time:

  1. New Delhi, India 🌆 The capital city with the longest traffic time in the world is New Delhi, where commuters can expect their journey to last as long as 57.37 minutes.
  2. Manila, Philippines 🌆 Manila ranks as the second worst place to be stuck in traffic, with an estimated average traffic time of 54.02 minutes.
  3. Jakarta, Indonesia 🌆 Fairing slightly better in third place is Jakarta, with an average traffic time of 52.88 minutes.
  4. On the other hand, Canberra, Australia boasts the shortest traffic time of just 23.91 minutes per hour.

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Methodology 📊

We ranked the cities based on ten factors: population, working hours, minimum paid annual leave, public holidays, sleep hours, gyms/fitness establishments, entrepreneurs, universities, attractions, and traffic time. Each factor was scored out of 10, and the total score determined the rankings.

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