Top 6 Medical Universities to Study MBBS in China

Universities to Study MBBS in China

You will have a perfect understanding of theory and practical applications if you choose to study MBBS abroad. Universities abroad give you better chances and more room to investigate the medical field on the university grounds alone, with the pioneers in their professions. In comparison to Pakistan, universities abroad offer considerably superior facilities, and all students are treated equally, regardless of caste.

In comparison to Pakistan, China is regarded for having less expensive MBBS programs that also offer superior educational opportunities and practical training. One of the most popular destinations for Pakistani students who want to pursue an MBBS is Russia and China.

These nations are more competent and appealing to students due to their relatively modest fee structures. China, which has the second-largest economy in the world, is home to numerous medical institutions with top-notch, knowledgeable faculty.

China invests more in research and development, which accounts for its highly esteemed medical schools. Universities in China also prioritize students’ needs, whether they are for fundamental necessities like food or housing or questions regarding their education. These universities have high-tech equipment that enables students to learn more.

The Most Renowned Medical Schools in China are:

Xiamen University

One of the best universities in China is Xiamen University, which was established in 1921 and is situated in Xiamen, Fujian. The university has a tradition of providing students with excellent practical exposure.

In terms of instruction and practical expertise, the institution is slated to rank among China’s prestigious medical universities. In terms of accolades and reputation, it is ranked 159th globally and 10th in the country, giving it an advantage over other colleges. It is an English-medium institution with eligibility requirements that include NEET certification and a minimum overall PCBE score of 65% in all subjects from the 12th grade.

Xian Jiatong University

Xian’ Jiaotong University is one of the well-known universities in China. Its annual tuition is Rs. 5,14,000, which covers your room and board. The institution was established in China’s Shaanxi province in 1959. The college’s unique selling point is its partnership with four internship hospitals, which allows students to gain real-world experience.

The university also offers cutting-edge tools and technologies that aid in excluding serious illnesses. It is an English-medium institution, and the basic requirements for admission are a NEET score of 200 or higher and an overall average of 80% in PCB in the 12th Standard.

China Medical University:

The China Medical University was established in Shenyang, Liaoning, in 1931. The reason the university is well-known among students is that it offers student exchange programs in the UK, Europe, and the United States.

Another important factor in why students choose CMU is that the university designed its curriculum and course structure to the guidelines established by the Medical Council of Pakistan. Due to its unique curriculum approach, CMU’s MBBS program is well-known among Pakistani students. The university has NEET Qualification and a minimum cumulative score of 85% in PCBE in the 12th Standard as eligibility requirements.

Fujian Medical University:

Fujian Medical University is a reputable and well-regarded institution of higher learning in China. The university’s unique selling point is its location in a prime coastal area. The institution was established in 1937, and because of its 26 clinical teaching hospitals, students favored FMU.

One of the leading hospitals with the best amenities is linked with FMU as well. These serve as the pupils’ main points of interest. There are 300 places reserved at FMU for international students. The university’s eligibility requirements include NEET certification and a minimum overall PCB score of 80% in all subjects taken in the 12th grade.

Nanjing Medical University:

Because of its well-maintained infrastructure and the strong cultural ties that Pakistanis have developed as a result of their upbringing, Nanjing Medical University is regarded as the most culturally sensitive university.

The institution is situated in China’s Jiangsu province and was established in 1934. The university requires a minimum aggregate of 70% in PCBE in the 12th Standard as well as a NEET score of 300 or higher to be eligible.

Kunming Medical University:

Kunming University was founded in China’s Yunnan province in the year 1933. The university is renowned for both its top-notch medical program and the amenities it offers to its international students.

The university charges a yearly tuition of Rs. 4,25,000, which covers your lodging expenses. The university requires a minimum aggregate of 70% in PCBE in the 12th Standard as well as a NEET score of 150 or higher to be eligible. Skype will be used to conduct the interview online.


China is one country that will assist you in developing in the field of clinical education, thus students wishing to pursue their MBBS overseas should consider it as a safe and cost-effective choice.

You will gain visibility for your future endeavors. By supplying both practical and theoretical information, the universities there seek to promote the complete development of the students and guarantee their future success.

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