A Complete Guide for Beginners: How Long Does It Take to Learn Japanese?

How Long Does It Take to Learn Japanese

When someone first shows interest in learning Japanese, there is one question that almost all beginners have. If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo or have always wanted to watch your favorite Japanese film without subtitles, you’re probably wondering, “How long would it take me to learn Japanese?”.

It takes time to learn a new language. You must have perseverance, patience, and a strong work ethic to learn Japanese. You can learn to speak Japanese fluently faster than you think if you put in the time and effort!

How long it takes you to learn Japanese will ultimately depend on your objectives, motivation, and perseverance. You can study Japanese sporadically and still advance over time, or you can put more effort into learning it quickly.

How Difficult Is Japanese to Learn?

The duration of time it takes to master a language and how difficult it is are related. It will take longer to become fluent in a more difficult language. Don’t give up on your ambitions of living in Japan just yet.

Despite having a notoriously bad reputation as one of the hardest languages to learn, Japanese is much simpler than you may imagine. You can make learning Japanese enjoyable, interesting, and most essential, quick, with the correct tools.

GLLC Learning has a number for you if you wish to quantify it. Japanese was assigned a Level 5 language classification. As a result, learning Japanese is far tougher for a natural English speaker than, say, studying French or Spanish.

Why It’s Difficult to Estimate the Duration of Language Learning

You can’t just approach a business and want one Japanese fluency. You must put in the necessary time, effort, and dedication to reach that level of understanding.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

You must settle in for quite some time when learning a language. There is no limit. Since languages are so complicated, it is impossible to “learn it all.” However, there comes a time when you can converse with natives without difficulty. We measure the length of time it takes to learn Japanese in this way.

Five Factors Determine How Long It Takes

Before we calculate how quickly you can learn Japanese, let’s look at the aspects that affect how long it typically takes. Because each person is unique, the time it takes may be entirely different for two people.

Your First Language

It will be simpler and quicker to master a language the more similar it is to your home tongue. Unfortunately, Japanese is very different from English if English is your first language. However, just because you lack one certain advantage does not necessarily mean that it will be difficult.

How You Study

What constitutes the ideal way for learning a language could be discussed in great detail. But as long as you locate a good one, you should be fine. The top Japanese language programs and apps will help you become fluent much faster.

The Type of Learner You Are

Which type of student are you—a loud, adventurous one or a shy, quiet one? The only way to become fluent in Japanese is to speak it. in public. a lot of the time.

If speaking Japanese makes you nervous, you’ll need strategies to help you get over your worries. You’ll learn Japanese much more quickly once there are no restrictions.

Your Daily Studying Time

Although it may seem obvious, the more you learn, the quicker you will become fluent. Therefore, you will see results more quickly the more time and effort you invest.

Your Motivation and Goals

You have a strict deadline if you’re learning Japanese for a vacation or a test. a set threshold by which you must speak Japanese fluently.

This may spur you on to study more diligently and quickly and provide you the incentive to do so. However, it’s also OK if you’re studying Japanese for leisure. You’ll have enough time to simply enjoy learning the language.

With Numbers: How Long Does It Take to Learn Japanese

But how long? We can tell you if you truly want to know, though. Let’s quantify how proficient you are in Japanese.

If we accept the FSI estimate as our starting point for the level of difficulty, it will take you 2200 hours or 44 weeks to become fluent in Japanese if English is your native tongue. That’s:

  • 1 year if you devote 6 hours every day to learning Japanese.
  • 6 years if you study for 1 hour every day
  • 18 years if you only study for 20 minutes a day.

18 years feels like such a long time. It’s nearly impossible for you to find 20 minutes in your already packed day. But, if there’s a will, there’s a way.


Only the greatest language courses will help you become fluent in Japanese. GLLC, fortunately, is one of the few based on techniques that have been proven scientifically.

Although it takes time and effort to learn a new language like Japanese, the rewards are priceless. Regardless of your age, spending time learning Japanese is a wise investment in your future.

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