Study MBBS in China: Hebei University of Medicine

Hebei University of Medicine

The Hebei University of Medicine is one of China’s top universities for medical studies. Their five-year English language MBBS program has attracted many international students from around the world. In this article, we will explore what makes this university’s MBBS program unique and why it stands out from other similar programs in China.

What Is Unique About Hebei University of Medicine’s MBBS Program?

Teaching Quality:

One thing that sets apart the Hebei University of Medicine is its excellent teaching quality recognized both inside and outside China. Experienced lecturers provide high-quality education to ensure all attending students obtain comprehensive knowledge of medicine suitable for practice anywhere across the globe.

Clinical Practice Opportunities:

Even though tuition fees might be very expensive in some cases, the clinical experience provided by Hebei University makes up for it by offering practical learning opportunities through demonstrations with patients as well as internships in prenatal care facilities specializing in gynecology & obstetrics or child health management departments & general ICU whenever available.


The school’s campus offers ample resources needed to support anyone studying there including modern auditorium tools like overhead projectors & visible light sense screens along with multiple labs equipped with experimental instruments used for different phases of research depending upon each discipline.

Exchange Programs:

International exchange trips are also organized once every year so understudies can go abroad to gain globalized experiences while gaining expert help from administrators working in different countries where they can undertake diagnostic tests; learn by discussing the variegated case, reports, etc that cannot be done locally here due to various restrictions.

Benefits of MBBS at Hebei Medical University in China

During their MBBS programs at Hebei Medical University in China, international students get a fantastic opportunity to get to know Chinese culture and customs. Because the MBBS programs at Chinese universities have NMC and WHO approval, you can choose a career in medicine anywhere in the world.

Additionally, the MBBS programs at Chinese universities provide the lowest tuition rates in the world. Both female MBBS students and overseas students can study here safely because the nation upholds remarkable law and order.

Hebei Medical University offers outstanding facilities and a plethora of options for medical graduates who have completed their MBBS programs:

  • Direct Admission
  • Low-cost MBBS Fees
  • World-class Academic amenities
  • Scholarships
  • Modern hospitals
  • Better Career Opportunities

Duration for MBBS in Hebei Medical University

The Chinese Medical Courses will be completed in six years. They will receive the necessary training in five years of classroom instruction. An apprenticeship lasting a year will be combined with practical instruction.

However, that begins once the in-class sessions are over. To prepare them for any situation, the apprenticeship will give them practical experience in operations and procedures as well as other pertinent training. Additionally, this will offer them the exposure they need.

Intake for MBBS in Hebei Medical University

As of the end of June/beginning of July, just a few places are available in the best medical universities in China. The pupils they are accepting come from various countries throughout the world.

These colleges provide a secure space for their international students due to their first-rate facilities, reasonable costs, and various cultures. Before seats fill up, submit applications to universities as soon as you can.


China is one of the top destinations for students looking to pursue a medical education. One such university that boasts an excellent reputation amongst foreign and domestic students is the Hebei University of Medicine located in Shijiazhuang, China.

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