Does Poland offer scholarships to international students?

scholarships to international students

Studying in Poland is an attractive option for international students who are eager to explore Eastern Europe. With its rich culture, diverse landscape and affordable cost of living, Poland has become an increasingly popular study-abroad destination. But what about scholarships? Does Poland offer scholarships to international students? This article will explore the various types of financial aid available for studying in Poland, including government-sponsored scholarship programs and funding from universities and other organizations.

Overview of Poland

Poland is an Eastern European country located in Central Europe, with a population of 38.5 million people. It has a diverse culture and strong roots in the Roman Catholic Church. Poland offers many things for students and visitors looking for a unique experience, including stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and renowned universities.

However, one important question international students may have when considering studying in Poland is whether the country offers scholarships to international students. The answer is yes – Poland does offer scholarships to select international students who meet certain criteria. These awards are often competitive and vary depending on the program or school being applied. Some popular scholarships offered by Polish universities include the Erasmus+ Exchange Program, which provides financial support for study abroad programs; other scholarship options include Fulbright Scholarships and research grants provided by private foundations and organizations throughout Poland.

Scholarships Available

Poland is a popular destination for students looking to pursue higher education, and international students can take advantage of numerous scholarship opportunities. Does Poland offer scholarships to international students? Yes! Students from all over the world can apply for a variety of scholarships available in Poland.

For example, the Polish National Agency offers scholarships to citizens of countries outside the European Union who plan on studying at public and private universities in Poland. This scholarship provides a monthly stipend that covers living expenses, health insurance, and tuition fees. There are also specific categories for scholarships designed for certain types of study such as medicine or IT studies. The competition is high but with hard work and dedication, you could be awarded one of these generous awards.

In addition to government-funded options, there are also several private organizations that provide support to international students wishing to study in Poland.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Polish scholarship, international students must meet certain criteria. To start with, applicants must possess excellent academic records and have achieved higher-than-average grades throughout their studies. Furthermore, language proficiency is also required with an overall score of at least 5 on the IELTS exam or equivalent foreign language proficiency test being necessary to prove English competency.

In addition to meeting these basic requirements, some individual programs may ask that applicants provide additional documentation such as reference letters and proof of financial support if they are unable to cover tuition fees themselves.

Application Process

The application process for international students interested in studying in Poland can be a daunting undertaking. However, with the right preparation, it is possible to secure a scholarship and begin your academic journey in one of Europe’s most dynamic countries. The question then arises; does Poland offer scholarships to international students?

The answer is yes. Poland offers several different types of scholarships for international students from a variety of backgrounds and interests. For example, the Polish Government Scholarships are available to citizens from any country outside the European Union who wish to pursue studies or research at universities or academies within Poland. Additionally, the Kosciuszko Foundation Scholarship provides financial support for those pursuing higher education in any field of study related to Polish culture or history.

In addition to government-funded scholarships, there are also numerous private foundations offering support for international students studying in Poland.


In conclusion, Poland offers international students an opportunity to pursue higher education on scholarships. With the range of study options available, from undergraduate degrees to postgraduate studies and research, Poland is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for international students who are looking for a quality and cost-effective education. The government provides various scholarship programs and private institutions also offer financial aid packages to assist with tuition fees or living costs.

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