Everything You Need to Know About MBBS in Georgia: Kutaisi University

MBBS in Georgia

Studying for a Medical Degree abroad can be appealing for several reasons, including cost and cultural opportunities. In particular, the city of Kutaisi in western Georgia offers students from around the world access to one of its most popular universities—Kutaisi University.

Kutaisi University is one of the leading medical institutes in the country, offering high-quality education for those interested in pursuing a degree in medicine. In this article, we will explore all you need to know about their MBBS program and what it takes to get accepted into this prestigious university.

Admission Requirements:

The admissions process at Kutaisi University is highly competitive and requires excellent grades on school exams.

Applicants must also have passed Maths, Physics, and Chemistry with good marks, hold a valid passport from any nation besides Georgia or be eligible for dual citizenship status within Georgia, and present transcripts from previous studies as well as endorsement letters from two reputable sources such as doctors or professors who can vouch for your academic abilities without exception.

Additionally, applicants must submit English language proficiency scores provided by either TOEFL/IELTS tests if they cannot demonstrate fluency through other means of proof like living abroad previously, etc.*

Program Overview:

Once admitted students are then part of an 18-month intensive study course where educational essentials such as Anatomy & Histology (Bioscience), Biochemistry & Cell Biology (Advanced Bioscience) Physiology & Pathophysiology, Chemical Analysis Techniques(Applied laboratory Skills) Knowledge management systems ( Research Elements ) Clinical Science Social Aspects Of Medical Care And Health Promotion Leadership Authority Making plus more topics related clinic works ensure that each student has been able to cover enough materials required before graduation time arrives.

Benefits of Studying at Kutaisi University:

  • A world-class institution accredited by WHO guarantees high-quality graduates both nationally and internationally.
  • Comprehensive faculty including physicians specialist lecturers certified trainers ensuring cutting-edge instruction.
  • 24-hour access to library resources developed recently technology enables a learning environment updated regularly and global standards met constantly.
  • Experiential Learning opportunities in multiple externship programs complement classroom-based objectives providing real-life activities fostering long-lasting values among students.

Career Opportunities After Graduation:

Once they have completed their degree programs successfully, students may pursue any kind of further careers related to trendy jobs like Internists (Doctors who specialize in diagnosing internal diseases within general health scope); Family Doctors who specialized mostly in preventive treatments; Researchers working on drug discovery …etc.

International Student Opportunities:

There are numerous scholarship programs, especially UNDP Funded Scholarships. Hence It May be explored for those interested. There is also an option for direct admission without an entrance exam if an applicant comes from specific countries like Pakistan and Nepal. Also, extensive facilitation along with logistic support will be provided through University’s Partnership with Universities Abroad.


For upcoming generations wishing to rise above the current level of training currently available no doubt, KUTAISI UNIVERSITY offers the highest form of higher medical instruction anywhere allowing qualified individuals to advance their career wishes and settle prospects gracefully.

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